Andre Blackwood


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Andre Blackwood is a DJ and Producer of House / Techno music currently based in Barcelona, Spain. He set out on his path with music around ten years ago, when he first moved to Spain from Colombia, where he grew up. Starting off with hip hop beats which he used for recording tracks and different projects, he soon challenged himself to master the production of other genres of music such as classic Latin music, urban beats like dancehall, as well as electronic music. 

During the last 6-7 years as a DJ, Andre has performed in most of the electro clubs in Barcelona, has been a resident DJ and co-founder of the Techno Monday and Deep Tuesdays parties which are still going for about four years. He has also played alongside some well-respected names in the industry and also beside many local Djs and musicians always highly involved in the development of the electronic music scene around the world as well as locally in his home city Barcelona, Andre is also involved in organising, promoting and participating in several electronic music events brands such as Future Sound Agency, Hypnotic School, Nomads. Passionate about constantly discovering new projects and directions Andre is an enthusiast of encouraging quality artists and likes to collaborate with other open-minded musicians. Since recently, he is co-running a weekly Open Decks event which is open to all amateur and more experienced DJs in town.

Nowadays Andre is spending most of his time on production rather than performing/djing. His music is versatile and ever evolving but the essence of his current approach to music production can be described in his own words as this “I focus on the groove and the baseline, letting the atmospheric melodies and harmonies take the lead in the direction of each track”. Spending more time on his productionds, Andre is also getting ready to pursue a new step in his path as a music artist and start holding live performances.