Jerome T-Vinyl


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Born In Paris In 1975.
His passion for vinyl started in 1989,  almost 30 years in the Dj booth!
Graffiter and DJ playing Hip-Hop,Funky&Soul Beats in the old school time !
After having a revelation with Electronic music is forming
Part of some Team Organisation of the first Raves Party's in Paris in the end of 90's.
After travelling and play all around Europe Electronic Music, he sattled in Spain for more than 10 years...

collecting Vinyl for many years and growing his catalogue of  about 15 000 records.
you can catch him on the  dancefloor  in clubs like Fuse, Blau, Rachdingue,  Macarena,  RED58,  R33,  Brunch elecronik, but also in smaller events  like 1000's Nasty Kids Secret Paradise, in Paris.
Radio Programes Like Reidioclub, or 124BPM (Live streams show on internet) etc... AND more....
Have been working for the web site one of the bigger compagnie of vinyl and Distribution in the World . Working with the most important Labels more than 500 and big Names of Techno & House Artistes.
been learning a lot about the vinyl industry and secrets and today i he create Tvinyl The Temple of the Vinyl for sharing with you his love for the Vinyl with you
Music have no limits to connect people and affect them in passive or active ways every minutes....
Today is playing From Old school House Jazzy Disco funk to Techno Minimal Selected Tunes with a personal way of Putting tension in the mix from the minute the set starts
Till the last Record you will see him active present on the decks using his vinyls as a form of expression , creating his proper atmosphere and telling  a story with all his passion.


"One Vinyl a Day keep Doctors away!
thank’ you to All & see you on the Dance Floor!